• FOX3/-3G/-4G (BOX)

PROMOTION KIT for FOX3-2G/3G/4G Series

  • Combo-Box
  • Combo-Box and FOX3-3G
  • Combo-Box

incl. technical Support

PROMOTION KIT contains a fully featured, pre-configured device (incl. enabled PREMIUM FEATURES)
a pre-charged SIM card and access to FALCOM trace4you server to easily and quickly evaluate
the product and its functionalities.


  • 1 x FOX3-2G or FOX3-3G or FOX3-4G device pre-configured, with all PREMIUM-FEATURES activated
  • 1 x Rechargeable back-up battery
  • 1 x ANT-11 or ANT-12 or ANT-14 (external GSM/GNSS or GSM/3G/GNSS antenna, 
    depending on the version of the device included in the kit)
  • 1 x USB to Serial converter with extension cable
  • 1 x CA27 – Main port service and power connection cable (new)
  • 1 x CA31 - Main port extended installation cable 1,5m.
  • 1 x CA69 - Accessory port cable 1,5m. 
  • 1 x CA76 – Accessory port service cable with 2x3pin connector to DB9
    Serial female socket with a length of 1.0 m (new)
  • 1 x CA123 - 2x4pin connector to OBDII cable with separated IGN-wire. Cable length of 1.5 m (new)
  • 1 x Control-Box with main and accessory ports and RS-232 interface: 
  • Power supply with US/UK/AU/EU adaptors
  • 1 x Prepaid SIM card. Service fee includes 10MB of data transfer and 3 months access
    to the FALCOM trace4you server for evaluation purposes.
  • 1 x Info-Sheet. It contains all information needed to get started with PROMOTION-KIT
     (SIM card information, login data for accessing necessary online
     documentation and the trace4you server frontend).
  • Incl. up to 8 hours technical Support via skype, phone or at FALCOM office for starting up your project.

FOX3/-3G/-4G PROMOTION-KIT download