Passive/Active RFID-Readers, additional accessories for FALCOM AVL devices

  • RS232 Interface for connection with FALCOM FOX3-2G/3G/4G series
  • Fully dedicated for telematics
  • Compact form factor for easy integration in any vehicle
  • Supports ISO/IEC 14443 A / MIFARE® / B mode (passive RFID reader)
  • Operating frequency: 13.56 MHz (passive RFID reader)
  • Internal RFID 433MHz antenna AND external antenna connector (active RFID reader)

FALCOM passive RFID reader

is an additional accessory for FALCOM AVL devices. It is a passive RFID reader designed for short-range applications based on the ISO 14443 Type A/B standard. It provides a 5 meter external cable to connect to the FALCOM AVL devices via the corresponding connection cable. Fleet owners and managers can easily track the information about driver activity, vehicle status and control the authorization of each driver.

For more details, please download the flyer linked below:

Active RFID reader

The active RFID readers and wireless RFID sensors are fully supported by FOX3-2G/3G/4G and BOLERO40 series devices. RFID Reader is a 433MHz Active RFID reader that features:

  • High range  up to 15 m with internal antenna and up to 80m with ext. antenna.
  • Power & Data Cable included
  • External Power Supply : 10-26VDC or 5VDC AVL device output
  • RS232 and power supply Automotive µFit connector
  • Operating temperature : -40°C to +70°C
  • Onboard antenna and F-SMA connector for external antenna
  • Optional: Antenna Flaty or Antenna PUCKY (in harsh environment)

Configuration tool for RFID tags and sensors

It is the configuration tool for RFID tags and sensors.

  • Encodes active RFID badges
  • Controls parameters by reading nearby badges
  • Activates / deactivates badge emission for storage and diagnostics
  • Individual or batch programming
  • Connects with PC via USB
  • Tag programming software
  • Aluminum case (80 x 28 x 12 mm)