I/O extension box for the FOX3-2G/3G/4G Series

16pin MOLEX connector comprises:

  • 8 x Digital Inputs
  • 4 x Digital Outputs
  • 1 x  Analog Input




is an I/O extension box for FOX3-2G/3G/4G series. It extends the functionality of the  FOX3-2G/3G/4G series by additional 13 inputs/outputs. The cable "CA38-STEPPIII-KFZ-1,5M" is required for connection of the I/Os to the external system. This cable has a length of 1,5 meter with 16 open end wires. This cable is not included in the standard delivery of the IOBOX-MINI, it has to be ordered separately.

For more details, please download the flyer linked below: