Application:  Cash In Transit (CIT)
Company:     CProjekt
Region:         Germany
Device:          STEPPIII-UX

CProjekt integrates STEPPIII-UX into the CIT Alarm System to monitor Cash In Transit Armored Cars with a highly complex alarm system of up to 20 alarms per vehicle. The STEPPIII device gets the data from the CIT Alarm System via serial port and transmits this data together with GPS one via OTA to its server.

Application:  Pallet Tracking Solution
Company:     Premier Computers & Imaging Ltd
Region:         UK
Device:          BOLERO-LT2

Premier Computers & Imaging Ltd uses BOLERO-LT2 to solve the problem of tracking objects worldwide where no power is available. Its team has developed a pallet tracking solution with just-in-time process and other requirements providing invaluable and favourable results to its customers.

Application:  Precision Farming
Region:         Germany
Device:          FOX3

Hansenhof_electronic integrates FALCOM tracking devices into tractors and other agricultural/farm machinery to locate them and get additional information from all machinery in the farm. The devices improve the everyday planning, making decisions and the overall strategy for the operation quickly and easily. Furthermore Hansenhof_electronic uses a FALCOM AVL-device in a self-developed ISOBUS-datalogger.

Application:  Tracking & Completion Confirmation
Company:      Fintec GmbH
Region:          Germany

Flintec developed and operates a Tracking & Completion Confirmation system for mobile outdoor Services via GNSS. The system controls 15,000 highly distributed outdoor locations via 1,350 BOLERO-LT2 devices using M2M communications. Control includes online verification of mobile services regarding time, location and object status, online report and alert on mismatch. Scalability, high availability and permanent quality monitoring are key for the system.

More information <English>, <German>

Application:    Waste Management
Company:       Altares
Region:           Italy
Device:           FOX3, STEPPIII

Altares in Italy integrates FALCOM FOX3 into the waste management industry to provide efficient waste management operations and improve productivity, operators’ comfort and quality of service by monitoring garbage trucks in real-time, planning pick-ups, creating /managing routes for drivers and providing two-way text messaging between drivers and server.